2006 Gibson Hummingbird Custom Koa Art Shop Vine

Aug 8, 2014

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Anybody out there ever owned a Gibson with a hand-carved neck heel? Anyone? No one? They're extremely rare. We are one of the few shops to feature them regularly. Go try to find one somewhere else. Not easy.

This is, hands down, one of the coolest guitars I've ever owned. This guitar is a one-of-a-kind creation from Ren Ferguson and the Gibson Art Shop (the name of the shop where Ferguson and 3 other luthiers build art guitars). Guitars built by Ren are the finest instruments to ever come of out Gibson at any time in history. This one is no exception.

The obvious standout feature here is the hand-carved neck heel. How many guitars have you ever seen with a carved neck heel? Likely not many. Ren is famous for his hand carving skills and every now and then he'll do some work on a neck heel. It is rare, though, because of the time it takes to make something like this. I am just absolutely in love with this guitar.

Another benefit of Ren having built the guitar is the choice of woods. Ren is renowned worldwide for his ability to recognize and choose the best woods, both visually and tonally. The set of Hawaiian Koa which comprises the back and sides is unmatched. It is gorgeous and has loads of figuring.

This is honestly the best-sounding Hummingbird I have ever played. It has an excellent balance, plenty of volume, and amazing clarity. It's a showstopper both visually and tonally! I've owned many Gibson guitars. The Gibsons built by Ren are the best-sounding Gibsons.

The guitar also features abalone purfling on the top and an abalone rosette. Ren Ferguson's signature can be seen on the label inside of the soundhole.

This guitar is in excellent, near-mint condition. It has been lightly played, but has no flaws of note.

Included is the original hardshell case and all case candy.

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