2006 Gibson J-250 Monarch (J-200, SJ-200) Brazilian Rosewood

Aug 8, 2014

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For many years the Gibson Monarch was Gibson’s top-of-the-line production acoustic guitar. It was the “King of kings,” so to speak. No production Gibson acoustic has ever been as highly-adorned (or as expensive) as the Gibson Monarch.

The J-200 has been referred to as the “King of the Flattops” since its introduction in 1938. Staying true to this theme, the Monarch was designed in 1994 by Ren Ferguson. The guitar was adorned with crowns to signify the position of the J-200 as the King of all flattops. The level of detail on this guitar is amazing! The label inside the soundhole was signed by Ren Ferguson at the Gibson factory.

The guitar features a Sitka spruce top with Brazilian rosewood back and sides. I probably don’t need to tell you how rare a Brazilian rosewood J-200 is. Go try to find another. They don’t come along very often. The fretboard and bridge are the highest grade of ebony. The tuners are Waverly gold engraved tuners.

The neck is highly-flamed maple. One of my favorite things about sunburst guitars is a sunburst flamed maple neck. This is one of the best maple necks around.

Abalone purfling adorns the top, back, and sides of the guitar, in addition to the soundhole rosette.

Nothing compares to the tone of a Brazilian rosewood J-200. This guitar has a huge sound. Rosewood guitars produce an extremely powerful sound, and Brazilian rosewood guitars even more so. The bass resonates extremely well through the body, and the sustain makes this guitar immensely satisfying to play. The action is smooth and it plays easily. This guitar is a fine piece of work.

This guitar is in mint condition. It has no dings, dents, or scratches. There are just a few lines of finish checking, as is normal with Gibsons, but it’s very minimal.

Included with this guitar is the original hardshell case and all original paperwork.

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