Gibson J-185 Custom (JAS)

Aug 5, 2014

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This is one of the most visually stunning guitars you will ever see. From the fretboard inlays to the beautifully flamed maple back and sides, this guitar is truly something special.

This guitar was built by Jason Jones of the Gibson Custom Shop. Within the Gibson factory at Bozeman, there is a shop referred to on the inside as the “Art Shop.” There are only three luthiers who built the guitars produced in this Art Shop – Ren Ferguson, Valerie Bolitho, and Jason Jones. All three of them are among the most skilled guitar luthiers in the world. The label inside the soundhole of this guitar was signed by Jason.

The guitars produced in the Art Shop by these luthiers are more akin to boutique “luthier build” guitars because they are 100% built by hand by the master luthiers. No production-line employees touch these guitars.

Technically this guitar is a J-185, as the label inside indicates. It has the same specifications as a J-200 Jr. and the bridge certainly gives it the J-200 look. Most people looking at it would think it was a J-200.

The inlays on this guitar are some of my favorite I've ever seen on a guitar. These were all hand-cut by Jason himself.

The tuners are Waverly gold engraved tuners – the finest on the market.

The guitar also features abalone purfling on the top, back, and sides – that's very rare. The soundhole rosette is also abalone.

The finish is unique to this guitar. I've never seen another Gibson finished the same as this one. Look at the stunning burst! Coupled with gorgeous flamed maple, this guitar is something to behold.

The top of the guitar is made from Sitka spruce, the fretboard and bridge are the highest grade of ebony, and the back and sides (as mentioned) are flamed maple.

This guitar was shipped from the Gibson factory with a custom-designed pickguard, also built by Jason Jones. The pickguard was never installed on the guitar. The pickguard will be included with the guitar and it can be applied if desired. It is shown in one of the photos.

The guitar is in perfect condition and has no flaws. Included is the original hardshell case.

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