Gibson SJ-200 Master Museum Brazilian Rosewood Custom! J-200

May 29, 2015

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Here we have a masterpiece SJ-200 built by the world famous Ren Ferguson. This is the most ornate piece of his work I’ve ever seen. The amount of work that went into building this guitar is unbelievable!

Ren built this guitar in 1994 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Gibson Guitar Corporation. This is the highest level of craftsmanship and quality that you’ll ever see from Gibson. It’s an art piece.

The fretboard, headstock, and pickguard inlays were hand-cut and inlaid by Ren. They are the most intricate and ornate of any I’ve ever seen. Ren’s skill as an artist is second only to his skill as a master guitar luthier. The neck heel was also hand-carved by Ren. Heel carvings are Ren’s specialty and I’ve never seen anyone do it better than he does. This is a special one!

The guitar features Brazilian rosewood back and sides, with a Sitka spruce top. I probably don’t have to tell you how rare Brazilian rosewood Gibsons are. Of all of the guitars Ren built during his career at Gibson, this will be one of the most valuable ones. The fretboard is jet black ebony of the highest grade.

Abalone purfling adorns every edge of this guitar, including the fretboard and headstock. The tuner buttons are solid carved pearl.

As you can imagine, the tone quality of this guitar matches its visual quality. Ren would never be satisfied with building a guitar that did not produce his signature gorgeous tone. I once asked him how he manages to build guitars with such a superior tone. His response was simply “I select woods that already know how to sing.” I’ve owned hundreds of guitars from many different builders, and Ren’s are hands-down the best sounding guitars I’ve ever heard.

Ren’s guitars make for a perfect investment. His reputation is so great, that he will likely be regarded as the greatest master luthier Gibson has ever employed. I daresay he will be regarded even higher than the great Lloyd Loar. The value of his guitars will be on the rise from here on out.

The guitar is in mint condition. It has no flaws.

Included is the original hardshell case.

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