Gibson SJ-200 Master Museum Ren Ferguson Custom Guitar J-200

Feb 18, 2016

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Here we have one of the most extraordinary guitars Gibson has ever produced. This guitar was hand built by Ren Ferguson in the Gibson Custom Shop to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Gibson guitars. 
Ren Ferguson’s guitars are widely considered to be among the best (if not the best) acoustic guitars in the world. This one is a particular exquisite piece. The inlays are among the best you’ll find on any guitar. The wood is the finest quality the earth has ever produced. On top of the that, the tone is unmatched by any other guitar out there. This is as good as they come. Ren’s reputation for selecting wood is second-to-none. I once asked him how he manages to build guitars with such a superior tone. His response was simply “I select woods that already know how to sing.” I’ve owned hundreds of guitars from many different builders, and Ren’s are hands-down the best sounding guitars I’ve ever heard.
The back and sides of this guitar are made from the best cut of birds-eye maple I’ve ever seen. Birds-eye maple is extremely rare and you won’t find many guitars featuring this tonewood. Look at the figuring of that wood! I dare you to find a better set of birds-eye.
The fretboard is jet-black ebony, and as fine as any you’ll see. The grain is tight and it contrasts very well against the inlays. All of the inlays are hand cut by Ren. The guitars Gibson builds today feature inlays cut by CNC machines, and the detail is nowhere near as intricate as those found on this guitar. Gibson hasn’t built anything like this for years. They probably never will again.
Ren’s guitars make for a perfect investment. His reputation is so great, that he will likely be regarded as the greatest master luthier Gibson has ever employed. I daresay he will be regarded even higher than the great Lloyd Loar. The value of his guitars will be on the rise from here on out.
The guitar is in mint condition. It has no flaws. The finish has the typical minor checking in the body and the back of the headstock.
Included is the original hardshell case.
Feel free to call me with any questions: 435.406.9281
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